Criminal Defense

Mission Statement

One of the greatest challenges and struggles a person can face is a criminal prosecution. Uncertainty about the future is immediate. Hope can disappear. At risk is the loss of reputation, employment, family and possibly life itself. The Law Office of Anthony Cecutti is a responsible law firm that embraces this challenge and struggle. We believe in a client-centered approach and seek to have a comprehensive and complete understanding of our clients and their needs and interests. We come alongside our clients and provide committed and dedicated representation during some of the most difficult times of their lives. In this effort, we build a team according to the needs of a case and the client. This team can be comprised of a private investigator, a mitigation specialist, and a forensic expert such as a psychologist or psychiatrist. Where present, we desire to help to identify and address the underlying or core issues of the client that are relevant in a case. Our strength lies in early investigation, passionate advocacy, relentless pre-trial and trial preparation, and accessibility. We believe in client empowerment and helping those we represent make informed and educated decisions. We strive to develop collaborative relationships with our clients and encourage them to actively participate in their defense. In addition, believing that family is a necessary support to our clients, we also aim to help the family during a client’s prosecution.

How We Work

Based at the Trinity Building in lower Manhattan, The Law Office of Anthony Cecutti focuses primarily on criminal defense advocacy. We handle a wide array of state and federal criminal prosecutions. These include prosecutions for narcotics offenses, complex securities and other white-collar crimes, homicides, racketeering, and DWI, including vehicular assault and vehicular manslaughter. We represent clients in all stages of the criminal process – from pre-arrest investigatory stage, to grand jury proceedings, indictment, plea negotiations, trial as well as the appellate process. Upon representation in a criminal case, we seek to build a customized team that is necessary to defend our client. This team can be composed of a private investigator, a mitigation specialist, and a forensic expert or specialist such as a psychiatrist or psychologist, or a DNA expert or an economist. The presence of a customized team for each client ensures high quality representation. We believe that a successful outcome in a criminal prosecution only happens through early investigation and advocacy, rigorous and conscientious preparation and collaboration with our clients and the professionals and experts on the team. Client contact is an important attribute of our representation. We are committed to coming alongside our clients to help empower them during a dark hour in their lives. It is only through regular communications and accessibility, can our clients make informed decisions and feel empowered.

Notable Case Results

Vacated felony narcotics conviction

Following motion practice and oral argument, persuaded a court to vacate a felony narcotics conviction based on a man’s denial of the effective assistance of counsel. As a result of the court’s decision, the man was able to avoid deportation and remain in the United States with his family and children.

Dismissal of indictment of rape charge

Secured a dismissal of an indictment where a man was charged with rape.

Deferred prosecution ad dismissal on money laundering conspiracy

Secured a deferred prosecution and dismissal of the indictment by federal prosecutors for a client charged in a money laundering conspiracy.

Alternative to incarceration for firearms trafficking

Secured an alternative to incarceration and participation in a program operated by the Fortune Society for a man charged with trafficking firearms.

Alternative to incarceration for narcotics conspiracy

Secured an alternative to incarceration sentence after persuading federal prosecutors to allow a woman, with a history of drug abuse and charged in a narcotics conspiracy where she faced a 10 year mandatory minimum sentence, to plead guilty to a lesser charge and participate in a residential drug treatment program.

Plea on Assault in the 2nd Degree

Secured a plea to a misdemeanor charge after a woman was charged with Assault in the Second Degree and other related charges in two separate indictments.

Secured plea on vehicular assault

Secured a plea to Vehicular Assault and a probationary sentence where a man seriously injured two young women after driving intoxicated.

Secured plea on vehicular assult

Secured a plea to Vehicular Assault and other related charges, and a sentence of 10 months incarceration where a man injured eight people, three of them seriously, after driving intoxicated. After zealous advocacy and early investigation, over objection by the prosecution who sought a sentence of 6 years imprisonment, we were to persuade the judge that a sentence of less than one year imprisonment was appropriate based on the client’s criminal history and relevant mitigating factors.

Secured acquittal on federal narcotics conspiracy

Secured acquittal on federal narcotics conspiracy charge where man with no prior criminal history was facing a mandatory minimum sentence of 5 years imprisonment.

Aquital of 2nd Degree Assault of police officer

Secured acquittal of Assault in the Second Degree charge for a woman who was accused of assaulting and injuring a police officer.