Anthony Cecutti’s passionate belief in the need to be a strong advocate for clients’ rights began in his senior year at Notre Dame University when he served as manager of a half-way house for people in recovery from alcohol and substance abuse. The residents had completed a medically-supervised detox regimen once stabilized, clients then underwent treatment to confront the real issues driving addiction. While residing in the half-way house, clients worked in the community during the day and participated in group/individual treatment sessions in the evening and attended 12 step program meetings. As manager of the half-way house, Mr. Cecutti helped the clients confront a myriad number of competing legal mandates and supervision requirements on a daily basis that frequently were at odds with the demands of the clients’ long-term relapse prevention plans. To better address the forensic mental health needs of his clients he obtained a graduate degree in Social Work at Columbia University.

Mr. Cecutti began his legal advocacy career working with the Bronx Defenders Office, completing a Public Interest Law Fellowship in 2002. After working on defense in capital punishment cases with the South Carolina Center for Capital Litigation in 2003, Mr. Cecutti continued specialization in the need for mental health services in legal cases with the Mental Hygiene Legal Services of Brooklyn and New York Lawyers for the Public Interest. Mr. Cecutti also focused on Federal Civil Rights challenges with the Legal Aid Society Federal Defender Division and then Criminal Defense and Federal Civil Rights Litigation as an associate in the firm of Romano & Kuan, PLLC.

In January of 2009, Mr. Cecutti entered private practice specializing in Criminal Defense and Federal Civil Rights Litigation, determined to serve as a zealous advocate for the rights of his clients to be treated with dignity and respect as he walks with them through the most threatening moments in their lives.