Vacated felony narcotics conviction

Following motion practice and oral argument, persuaded a court to vacate a felony narcotics conviction based on a man’s denial of the effective assistance of counsel. As a result of the court’s decision, the man was able to avoid deportation and remain in the United States with his family and children.

Alternative to incarceration for narcotics conspiracy

Secured an alternative to incarceration sentence after persuading federal prosecutors to allow a woman, with a history of drug abuse and charged in a narcotics conspiracy where she faced a 10 year mandatory minimum sentence, to plead guilty to a lesser charge and participate in a residential drug treatment program.

Secured plea on vehicular assult

Secured a plea to Vehicular Assault and other related charges, and a sentence of 10 months incarceration where a man injured eight people, three of them seriously, after driving intoxicated. After zealous advocacy and early investigation, over objection by the prosecution who sought a sentence of 6 years imprisonment, we were to persuade the judge that a sentence of less than one year imprisonment was appropriate based on the client’s criminal history and relevant mitigating factors.